Sette Dessert

Curian 1-10 Volcanic Basic 10% Attack Elems
Rust 5-15 Volcanic Basic 10% Attack Elems
Metal Flying Hound 10-20 Money
Mutant 15-28 Money
John Carter PB Gold Capsules
Armored tank PB T4 Gems, 50 Shields and Common HP Ammulets
Devastor PB T4 Gems, 50 Jetpacks, Basic Leons, Common HP Rings + more


Volcanic Cauldron

Hound 25-35 Money
Magma Rock 30-40 Series Gales Emblem
Infected Volite 32-45 Soul Seed
Flame Eater 33-43 Seal Of Seed
Lava Queen 33-43 Blessed Seal Breaking Scrool
Small Boggie 33-43 T3 Gems
Volcanic Elf Soldier 38-48 Soul Seed
Volcanic Elf Warrior 40-50 Series Gale Emblem
Small Dagnue 42-52 Blessed Seal Breaking Scrool/Seal Of Seed
Knight 43-53 Money
Stock PB T4 Gems
Belphegor PB T4 Gems,Basic Leons,50 Jetpacks


Ether Plateau

HoboMight 45-55 Money
Hobo Chopper 46-55 Money
Passa Delta 47-55 Roar Elems Middle Class
Hora Hobo Sword 47-55 Talics
Mutated Hobo Chopper 48-55 Money
Hora Caliana Crew 49-55 Bloody Claw
Hora Caliana Attrock 50-55 Thrash Emblem
Caliana Archer 51-55 Seal Of Blood
Eldi Knight 52-55 Leaders Letter Volume
John Carter PB Gold Capsules
Caliana Princess PB T4S,H55 Elems,1kGoldPoints,Basic Leon,Cali Necklace + more


Broken-UMT 45-55 Talics
Mini HolyKeeper  PB T4 Gems


Draco  55 T4 Gems
Flame Draco  PB Vios,Flucts,Gold Capsuls[1k,3k’s]+Other
Ring Leader  PB Outcast Ammulets,Starved Beast Ammulets,GoldCapsuls + Other
Sealed Teledun  PB Divinity Ring,Freedoms/Empires Ammulet,Gold Capsuls + Other
Sealed Caliana Queen  PB Storm knife Claw,Vampire Butchers,Gold Capsuls + Other
Sealed Soul Sinder  PB Dark Hall Rings, Dark Fog, Giant Mutant + More
Sealed Dagon  PB HoraBaal Box, Dagon Leash,BBL,GP’S,T5’S,Venom Sacks,Leons + More
Sealed Dagan  PB HoraBaal Box,Dagan Ring,Dagnu Ring,GoldPoints,Venom Sack + More
Sealed Hora Baal Hamon  PB HBH,Dbro Elems,GPS,VS’S,55shields,Leons,T5 Gems,Baal Ring + More