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4 Part Client Download Now Available at the Download Section, files are at 700mb each.

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Our GameCP is now Up. Players can now register and manage their accounts, change passwords, etc. No need to PM the Admin for an account. Temporary link is posted below.

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We have released our current  drop list of items. It is not yet final and more will be added in the coming days.

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A new updated Full Client has been uploaded and we have also released a Client Updater to implement fixes and patches easier.

You can also use the updater to update your version 2232 clients, but we would highly recommend downloading the Full Rivals Reborn Client.

Good Day!

Welcome to our Temporary Homepage. Our new Website and forum page is currently under-maintenance. Make sure you visit our site once in a while. We will still be posting updates here.

You can also visit our Facebook Page and Facebook Group also, they are linked at the side.

Rivals Reborn started running in Close Beta with around 20 Participants

Close Beta Screenshots

Drop List

Young Flem HQ Ether Scrools + Disena
Flem HQ Cash shop 15%HP Rings + Amullets
Wing HQ Wind Dagger Level 1
Sette Turncoats Sette 40% Attack Potions
Passa Beta Ether Ratmoth PitBoss Scrool HQ + Caravan Key
Calliana Attrock Ether Type C 50 /45 Shields
Calliana Crew Ether Leon Boxes
AssasinBuild A Ether Giant Mutant Necklace / Infinity Rings Tier 1 / Sharp Armor Force / Launcher Level 50
Red Haired Splinter OutcastLand 55 Sharp Superior Pieces
Narrom OutcastLand PVP 55 weps
ETS Maps ETS Map 1's Basic Excelsiar
Jetso Warbeast JetsoLand 40% Attack pots / Medium Money Farm
Jetso start JetsoLand 60 B Weps/Armors
Jetso Middle JetsoLand 63 B weps/Armors
Jetso End Cave - JetsoLand 65 B weps/Armors
Jetso Tree JetsoLand 67 B Weps/Armors
Novajen Monsters Novajen Land Tier 4 gems/Tier 1 HP Jetpacks
Tempest Sting Bug /Flem/Patroller Caraven 70 armors/Low Money
Tempest Turncoats Caraven Elf Tear/ Blood 45%Attack/def /70 B Armors/weps/ Big Money
Tempest Cannon Caraven Excelsiar type c / Reclass Pills
Chip CragMine 55% Potions / Gold Boxes / Tier 5 Gems / Daidalos receipts + more
HQ PitBoss's HQ Convert/Destruct Runes + Tier 4 gems
Settlement Pb's 213/haram/solus Elementals Low, High / Tier 4 gems / Convert + Destruct runes
Sealed Pbs Dimension Maps Type C 70 Weps / Medium n High HDH Box's
Elan Pbs Elan Low/Medium/High HDH Boxes + Resources to Make C and D Equips
Dbros Elan Medium/High HDH Boxes + Dbro elems
Jeto PB Jetso Land Rare C/D Weapons
Novajen PB's Novajen To Be Added
Caraven PB's Novajen To Be Added
ETS 61+ ETS 61+ Map 2 To Be Added